praying to grilled cheesus

As of 12:30 am on July 14th I found out that one of my favorite humans left this world FAR too early. Cory Monteith was such an incredible person and from the first second I saw him on Glee, I knew there was something special about him that was going to make me fall in love. Low and behold, four seasons later, he was still my all time favorite character. The highs and lows of Finn Hudson on that show were so real, so human. Outside of the show he was such an inspiration to all. He had such a positive outlook on life, so happy. The fact that he entered himself into rehab in April only proved so much more why I have respect for him. He admitted he had a problem and wanted to fix it. It takes so much courage to do that and I wish I had half of the strength he did. 

It’s so surreal to think that he won’t be on Glee next season and won’t be able to continue what was bound to be an amazing career. Rest in peace Cory, you will be missed so dearly.

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