perks of having a "stupid" major.

Today I had my last class session for my internship with The Missouri Review literary magazine and as we had an overall discussion about the magazine/improvements, I looked around to realized I loved this opportunity. 

So many times after I changed my major to English I was told that I needed to immediately think of grad school, to move on to another program after graduation. In my mind, this department has set me in a direction that I could not be any more thankful for. 

The Missouri Review internship has definitely opened my eyes to the publishing world, and has also introduced me to some amazing people. One of the bonuses to being an English major is that the group of fellow English majors is so small that you eventually befriend them due to the fact that you have so many classes together. 

In addition to what I’ve already said, something neat about being an English major is that it can be a platform towards other careers. For instance, I could go into teaching, publishing, or even copywriting. It’s so flexible and makes me feel a bit more confident in taking steps towards what I’m going to do in a new city after graduation (fingers crossed for Nashville!)

Overall, as “stupid” as an English major may sound, the change to become one may actually be one of the best decisions I could have made in college.

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