stuck in my head: episode 1

Each week I plan on posting five songs that are on my list, that get stuck in my head, or catch my attention on the radio/spotify. Here is the first edition!

1. Miss Movin’ On by Fifth Harmony- I have to admit, I had known of this song when it first came out and thought that the hype was rather annoying, so I put off listening to it. Today on my drive home from my job interview I heard it on the radio and the words, the powerful vocals, it all sucked me in. Instantly hooked. 

2. Best Song Ever by One Direction- I am a total 1D chick. My best friend and I bond over the boy band to the point where they have brought us to tears. To the point where we go so far to plan trips to see them and are utterly heartbroken when they fall through. When the new single from the boys came out I knew I would be hooked. Not to mention the incredibly unique music video.

3.No Interruption by Hoodie Allen-Definitely late to the Hoodie train, but this song had me hooked the minute I pressed play. Need to see this dude life, he is a one of a kind talent.

4. Gold by Neon Hitch (ft. Tyga)- I accidentally stumbled upon this song and after the 5th, 6th, and 7th, plays I knew there was no turning back.

5. Crushin’ by Bush Hawg- This song was playing over a Spotify commercial and I had to listen to the rest. A song that most people can connect to, love the words. Major fan. 


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