2013: the year of the comeback

This summer consisted of driving to many places. A good majority of these destinations had a concert waiting for me at the end of them. Two of these trips were for shows I have waited years to see and I still can’t completely wrap my mind around the fact that they actually happened. 

1. Fall Out Boy at The Pageant (St. Louis- June 28th, 2013)
My junior high/beginning of high school years had soundtracks that included great FOB hits like “Dance, Dance” and “Hum Hallelujah.” Listening to those songs takes me back to car rides to out of town basketball games and getting ready to hang out with my friends. I even got the chance to see FOB sophomore year and a couple years later I would realize how lucky I was. When a band goes on hiatus, you realize how much they meant to you. It wasn’t until right before My Songs was released in February that I really thought about this. My best friend and I spent a solid two weeks only listening to FOB and then they announced not only and album, but a tour. The day those tickets went on sale was much like The Hunger Games to music fans. These shows were selling out across the country and I was fortunate enough to have a sister with ninja-like skills on Ticketmaster to get to this show. I also found out my two closest friends who also loved FOB got tickets, so this was going to be a hell of a night. I ended up third row that night, just a matter of feet from one of my favorite humans: Patrick Stump. My favorite song off of the new album (Alone Together) was played, I cried, I screamed, I danced, I had a ball with my friends. Not much more you can ask from such an iconic band. 

2. Jonas Brothers at Klipsch Music Center (Noblesville, IN-July 12th, 2013)

The Jonas Brothers are what started my love for music, both live and recorded. There is something about performances, the trips to them, the mutual love for musicians with my friends that really ties it all together. In 8th grade my dear friend Rachel told me to listen to this band called the Jonas Brothers, specifically their song “Time For Me To Fly” from their self-titled debut album. I was hooked. A little over a year later I was seeing them for the first time in Peoria, IL. At the time it felt like a dream. Little did I know I would see them AGAIN in 2009 for their world tour. These nights were some of the best because not only did I love the brothers Jonas, but my sister did as well. They formed a bond that will never be broken, whether they are playing music or not. After a break beginning in 2010, the Jonai came out of hiding with a full tour this summer. I had every intention of going, but had yet to decide where. Out of the blue one morning I woke up to a phone call from my sister saying that we had not only tickets, but meet and greet passes to meet our favorite performers. It was a dream come true. Unfortunately my sister had to back out last minute, but was replaced by my best friend who definitely made up for it. Getting to meet the Jonai after a wait that seemed to take forever, was phenomenal. The show was nothing less than extraordinary and you can tell that the brothers are definitely back for a while. With their album “V”, featuring some strong tracks such as What Do I Mean to You coming out this fall, I expect the best for these talented gentlemen. 

Now with that being said, I think I speak for millions of girls across the globe who say there is one comeback that we still have our fingers crossed for….


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