real life problems: part time jobs.

I can honestly say that since May, I have had the hardest time finding a second part-time job. I currently work in a before/after school program that typically helped me with gas/concert tickets but approaching senior year my parents and I decided that I needed to take on another job. This was sparked from the fact that my hours were definitely going to be cut at my current job. I’m pretty blessed to have my parents supporting me financially currently, but I know that with the aspirations/goals I have for the next five years, I definitely needed to get myself in a more independent position. 

Unfortunately, Columbia is an incredibly difficult city to find a part time job in. I applied for close to 20 positions over the past 3 months and got one call back, but the lady didn’t quite seem to understand that “part-time” means less that 50 hours a week. When approaching a job hunt such as this, there is one characteristic you have to have going in: persistence. It got to the point where if I typed in “part” on my Google search, “part-time jobs columbia mo” would immediately pop up. I was looking on different sites religiously since the end of April. Finally, I found one that worked with my schedule. 

There are jobs that will somehow “magically” fall right into your lap. My first job, which I got freshman year, was one that I applied for without even really banking on getting it. Two months later I got a phone call and the next day my mom and I were driving three hours for a job interview that turned into 2 1/2+ years of amazing memories and experiences with Adventure Club. Today I got an e-mail saying I was hired for an Events Assistant position on campus. Ironically, I (and by “I” I mean my mom and I, again) drove three hours back to school for that interview as well. I found that position randomly one day when I was on my daily search and after I sent in the application I looked at my friend and said “yolo” (Yes, I am cringing at the fact that that was my reaction). Sometimes you have the right opportunities just fall into place and I think it’s the best way to go about part time jobs. They are so hit and miss these days. 

Never give up ladies and gents. 

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