stuck in my head: episode 2

It’s been an interesting, reminiscent week. Lots of random dance parties in my room while cleaning as well as getting ready to go out with my friends. My Spotify is full of variety and I love that about myself because I definitely take pride in my weird, assorted taste in music. 

1.”I Think I’m In Love With You” by Jessica Simpson-I remember receiving this album during a Secret Santa exchange when it came out, and I was always team Jessica. I loved Britney and Christina, but I was and still am a major Jessica Simpson fan. This song is so fun and catchy, and I also think that this was the era of Jessica’s true talent.

2.”Tell Her” by Jesse McCartney-Jesse McCartney was the first teeny bopper crush I had, and it all started with his career in Dreamstreet. I have each of his albums and it is a severe understatement to say I am just a fan. I love the kid and think he is incredibly talented. His “Right Where You Want Me” album is definitely underrated, because the singles released from it never had major radio time. “Tell Her” is a song that hits you right in the feels. Any person can relate to this one. 

3. “Wonderland” by Natalia Kills. I first heard Natalia in a commercial for one of those websites where you can buy any pair of freakishly tall heels for the same price, her catchy “Problem” was playing in the background and I was hooked. I looked it up immediately and it has become one of my favorites to blast when I am taking on the elliptical or treadmill at the gym. I decided to look further into her music because her voice was different to me, her backtracks are along the lines of Gaga, but I felt something else coming from her music. She’s a bit more drawn back than Lady Gaga, but just as fun to listen to. “Wonderland” is a great track from her 2011 album “Perfectionist”.

4. “Roar” by Katy Perry. This song was leaked today and I will be the first to say that I have been anxiously awaiting the comeback of Katy. She’s been in hiding for a couple of years and there was a feeling in my gut that once she released a song I would not be disappointed. She definitely proved me correct today. The tune sounds pretty similar to Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”, but it has an obvious Katy twist to it. I am also a major fan of the Lisa Frank tones in the album artwork. The song makes me much more excited for her album than I was before. 5/5 from me on this one. 

5.”Be Your Everything” by Boys Like Girls. Throwing back to last year when this EP was released, but BLG has been a band I have stuck by for a while. I was able to see them live for the first time last September and I was just completely baffled when they sang this song. I was in the presence of a band I had loved for so long, it all seemed so surreal. The lighting of that specific song was so beautiful and Martin’s vocals were spot on. The entire set that night was great. “Be Your Everything” was one of those songs where I listened to it the first time through and was immediately addicted to it. It really spoke volumes about a certain situation in my life, still does, and I think this goes for anyone when I say it’s quite the thrilling experience when music can speak for you. Once you attach yourself to a song, there is no looking back. BLG has a few of those for me, this one in particular. 

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