recap: teen choice awards

I have no shame in the fact that I watched the Teen Choice Awards last night. No 21 year old girl should. Why you ask? Because 99% of the people being awarded, presenting, or appearing on that show make up the pop culture we live and breathe today. I actually had a lot of love for the show last night, but there were also some things I would have changed. 


1) Nick Jonas in general. This guy is such a gem, not only because he can put himself together like a 30 year old man, but he also is a hidden bundle of talent. I have admired for a long time how he was able to pen some of the greatest Jonas hits, as well as be the spokesperson for the band, all of this being done as the youngest in the band. Last night Nick was presented with the Acuvue Inspire Award for his charity work raising awareness for diabetes. Pretty remarkable how well he has handled his Type I battle while being such a strong performer. A hidden fact about Nick is that he is a talented drummer, and he even made an appearance drumming during Demi Lovato’s “Made in the USA” performance. 10/10 for Nick. 

2) Lea Michele/The Glee Cast- As I’ve said before, Glee, and Cory Monteith, hold a special place in my heart. I knew after his passing that the votes for TV Comedy were going to go to Glee, but I had no idea that they were going to present Lea with the TV Comedy Actress. During the cast acceptance speech, Amber Riley spoke about Cory in such a respectful manner, I was tearing up as well as getting goosebumps. When Lea came out and spoke, you could tell she was nervous, but damn, Glee fan or not, you have to have respect for the woman after that. She accepted her award on behalf of Cory, and her speech was a tear-jerker. The Gleek community is so strong, and after last night social media sites were blowing up with incredible love for Lea and her friends of the show. You can watch both acceptances here.

3) The hosts- I firmly stand behind the choice of Lucy Hale and Darren Criss as the hosts. They were both such good sports about such an interesting awards show. Criss had me laughing out loud during certain segments, such as the sports category. Being known as a goofy guy, seeing him come out in a football uniform and grunting behind a face mask was pure entertainment. Hale, in my eyes, is such a strong actress, and I think it proved a great amount for her talents if she is able to come out and host a show such as this. Being a host means you put yourself out in front of others and have to keep them entertained, and she did just that. 

4) The amount of Ed Sheeran on my television-It’s no secret to those who know me best that Ed is one of my favorite humans to walk the face of this planet. He is such a unique talent, his music touches the lives of so many, and he does it all on his own. When he performs live, it’s just him, a guitar, and a loop pedal. He can capture a room of hundreds or a stadium of thousands with that. That’s not something that can be done by many. I’ve been a fan for going on two years now, and it’s safe to say I’m not going anywhere. I was incredibly proud to see him on screen so many times last night, including a win for Choice Breakout Artist. He deserves this kind of attention, and I hope for the best for him. 

5) Little Mix presenting- Little Mix is a highly underrated girl group who won the UK X Factor, and I feel as though they could go far if added to the right tours in the next year. Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh Ann have four incredibly strong voices, and I would love to see their album spread like wildfire. I would also like to see them tour with Katy Perry….but that’s just a dream. I think these ladies deserved their moment of fame, which can definitely include presenting a trendsetter award to Miley Cyrus.

Things I Would Change:

1) Having the show open with One Direction- I think that most girls were watching the for the premiere of the boys’ new single “Best Song Ever”, and to have them kick off the show could also result in losing many viewers once the performance is over. They kept promising the boys would come back, but they never did. Also, 1D had just finished their US leg of their Take Me Home tour, so they were obviously exhausted. As exciting as the performance was for fans, it probably would have been best if they were just presenters, that way they could save their energy. It was also said that their inner ear pieces were malfunctioning, and so there was much confusion about how they were doing. Overall, it could have gone two ways: perform at the end that way the fans stay in tune during the entire show, or save the performance for another award show so the guys could catch their breath after the tour just finishing. 

2) Hayley Williams- I just had so many questions about her performance in general. It felt like it was too much. “Still Into You” was such a summer hit, that if you didn’t have the right performance to go along with it, it felt wrong, and could lose taste in the song. 

3) Ashton Kutcher- Though his speech was incredible, I just felt like it was going in all sorts of weird directions. I also wondered why he was receiving the award, because to me he isn’t an actor that really sticks out to me with our generation, though I have no clue who I would have given that to instead. His award/speech just felt really out of place, just like his little plug about Ashton not being his real name. It seemed as though the TCA board threw something together last minute on that one. 

4) The amount of times surfing was referenced when someone won an award- Honestly, I get that most of those celebrities have not learned to surf, but you have plenty of time to come up with a better response other than “Guess I need to learn how to surf…” because it got really annoying after the third person. 

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