last first day of school: senior year at MU

It’s so bittersweet to sit here and think about the fact that this is my last year of undergrad at Mizzou. I remember starting out three years ago and wanting to curl up in a ball and cry. The whole process of going into new classes and meeting new people was both exciting and terrifying for me. Starting out as an Education major, it was really cool seeing the types of classes they put us in. The Ed majors took classes in specific buildings and I was in love from the start. The people I met both through my dorm and classes were amazing, and definitely made for an interesting freshman year. There were ups and downs throughout the 9 months of freshman year, but I tend to look at that as human. Not everyone is perfect and college is a process of weeding through the bad to find the right set of people to keep around. Towards the end of freshman year I joined a sorority, Phi Mu, and also got a part time job with a place called Adventure Club which runs a before and after school program in the elementary schools here in Columbia. Both of those decisions changed my life for the best. 
I spent all of sophomore year in Phi Mu, once again weeding through the weird and crazy to find some of my best friends in the entire world. There are three girls I met in those first couple of weeks who I still consider my closest gals here at MU. It was interesting, I never saw myself as a sorority girl, and it kind of showed during sophomore year, but I definitely think it was a unique experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I also found out I had to change majors that year, but in my mind everything happens for a reason, and boy was I correct about that as well.
At the end of the summer before junior year, I decided to drop Phi Mu. Unfortunately the sorority life was not for me anymore, but fortunately, all of my girls stood by me in my decision and never made things weird between us. I moved into my own place with two new friends to start my third year at MU, and with my job and new course load ahead of me, I was ready to take it on. Year three included multiple road trips for concerts, late night drives with my friends blasting music down country roads, and a little bit of drama to liven things up. I fell in love with my major and even made some awesome friends through my English classes. To say I found a new, more reassuring path in life is an understatement. 
I sit here at 10 pm on the night before my second day of classes for senior year and think back to all of these ups and downs throughout my three years here and cannot even wait to see what comes next. It’s also bizarre to think that at the end of this year I will have a big girl decision made: what I am doing to move forward with a career/education. My apartment is quiet, due to the fact that my roommate and I are leaving for class at 7:30 am. It’s funny to me because at this time last year, or the previous MU years of mine, I would have been gabbing the night away in one of my best gal’s rooms about the funny things that occurred during our days. It’s refreshing to think that I live with someone with her head on her shoulders and has the same aspirations as I do, it’s also a first for me. Silly, I know, but it helps me feel at ease starting off my last year with this rather positive atmosphere. 

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