anything but shakespeare

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a class over Shakespeare comedies and it’s actually a really neat course, unfortunately today was the day I forget my book. During the hour and fifteen minutes spent going line by line over the first few scenes of a play, I spent my time coming up with a few more posts for this blog. Today I decided to cover the topic of Tumblr, because after a few years with a blog on that site I have opened the doors to so many creative and social outlets. This post is to highlight some of my favorite tumblr findings!

1. PupFresh– I’m a major pop culture junkie, especially focusing on the music scene. In August of 2011 I discovered PupFresh in it’s beginning phase. At this point the site was being run by Dan Cox, a dedicated, passionate, opinionated music fan from Michigan. What I liked about this site was that DCox was just another music fan who wrote really entertaining articles, and even had leads on albums and tours that were about to happen. PupFresh was the sole contributor to me finding out that two of my favorite bands (The Cab and The Summer Set) were going to embark on a co-headlining tour. They’ve had some bumps in the road, including the entire site being hacked and deleted at one point as well as DCox taking a break from PF. A lot of music fans are anti-PF because they tend to be pretty honest with reviews and articles, but I believe that’s what I like the most. 

2.  rubyetc– Through the past couple of years on tumblr I was branching out to find quirky little pictures and quotes that would be funny or relevant. I found Ruby and her drawings to be quite adorable. Even the most simple sketch can put a smile on my face, and I really enjoy the fact that they can speak volumes without having to be too over the top. On top of her work floating around the interweb, Ruby has a store where you can support her work by purchasing her prints in one form or another. I’m currently saving up for a phone case, which may seem pricey at $35, but to me it’s worth it when I know the artist is so down to earth and talented in her own unique way.

3. Lang Leav– I found Miss Lang just as I found Ruby, a random work of hers was on my dash one night and I looked into the source. Lang Leav is an incredibly talented poet who writes short little bits about love, happiness, heartbreak, adventure, etc. You name it, Lang has probably written a poem over it, and chances are if you are a tumblr user, you have seen a poem of hers on your dash one day, felt like it applied to you, and you might have even reblogged it. I had the chance to interview her for my internship this summer, something I was really excited about, but unfortunately I had to move in another direction so I could fulfill the needs for my specific magazine I was working for. I sincerely hope I get the chance to interview her again someday, because I have so much respect for Lang. She recently released a book of her poems, Love & Misadventure, that I also intend on purchasing very soon. The amazing part about Lang Leav is that she is very interactive with her fans, they write in her inbox on a daily basis on Tumblr and she takes time to reply to so many of them. Another thing she started to do recently was reblog pictures with fans who pose with her book in any manner. She was very humble when I spoke to her earlier in the summer, and I think she, like Ruby, is a person who deserves the world for their phenomenal work.

4. Underground talents– Like I mentioned before, I love music.  A part of that is discovering new music, or in Alan’s case, mashups. This kid is only 19 and has put together some of the best mashups I have ever heard. Right now, my all time favorite that he has done include putting together some of the newer music from Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. (Check out the “This is Gospel”/ Alone Together” masterpiece, seriously I have listened to it non-stop since he posted it.) Like Lang Leav, Alan replies to all of the people who give him raving reviews in his ask, and I think that’s really down to earth, because honestly at that age, he could be a total jerk and put off replying to anybody, and let all of the nice things being said to him get to his head. Keeping my eye on this one, because I feel like his music could go really far. 

5. Friends– I saved this topic for last because it is the most special part to me of being a part of the tumblr community. Back in 2010 when I started on tumblr, I saw left and right that people had friends, or groups of friends, that they met on the site and I hoped someday that I, too, would have that luxury. You see, college was nerve-wracking for me, because I was so quiet when I started in a new city, and I am the farthest thing from outgoing in certain situations. I’m not saying I have a completely new identity online (I’ve seen Catfish, I know how weird things can get), but what I am saying is that I have found some girls through tumblr who have encouraged me to step up in my life, to be the best I can be. This also goes hand in hand with the friends I have met here at Mizzou, they get some credit as well! In fact, the two worlds have combined when I introduce certain friends to each other. It’s really neat actually. It’s also fun to say I have close friends in California, North Carolina, New York, Canada, and Chicago! I’ve even met one of the girls I talked to on tumblr, and to this day she is one of the nicest people in my life. (This is where I shout out to Lindsey, Mikayla, Reagan, Amanda, Kaylee, and Kate for being incredible human beings.) Each and every one of them know some of my darkest secrets, and they also are judgement free about my fangirl days (mainly because we all fangirl over the same people and things…..) but I am so thankful to have them around. If you girls ever see this, thanks for being you, and I hope we all get to finally meet someday!

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