the little things: adventure club appreciation post (one of many..)

I feel like every 20-something should have a part-time job that involves working with kids. It can change them for the better, honestly. I applied to work for Adventure Club my freshman year, and almost three years later I am at the same school with my same core group of kids. Some have grown up and graduated onto middle school, some have dropped for personal reasons, but everything happens for a reason in my eyes. These kids have meant the world to me, they’ve been my smile on a cloudy day, they’ve been my extra babysitting on the weekends, they’ve been a poorly drawn horse hanging on my wall, but the most important thing these kids/my staff has been to me is a family. I can rely on them to know little quirks about me, like when I bite my tongue when I focus really hard on a drawing, or when I hum tunes to myself when I clean up. They also know that my favorite animal is a penguin. It’s an understatement to say that I love them. I am in the best mood when I head out to work, and in an even better one driving home. They look up to my co-workers and I, because we are their support system the minute that bell rings letting them out of school. We are the people who provide a safe, fun, educational environment for them before and after they begin class everyday. Their naive, goofy minds are the best part of my day. I couldn’t imagine a life without my Midway AC kids. 

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