review: one direction’s "This Is Us"

Alright guys, I saw it. 

My best friend Caroline and I have waited months for this movie to finally be released. First and foremost, we knew it was going to be the closest we ever get to the British pop sensation. We have both been fans for about two years now, and being hardcore Directioners is a big part of our friendship. We have spent countless nights watching videos and comparing ourselves to Narry (the friendship of Niall and Harry for you non-Directioners out there.)

I had high hopes from the minute I saw the first trailer, but I had no idea how much this movie was going to actually impact me. The entire film was a behind the scenes look on the Take Me Home tour, featuring live clips and in between trips for the boys. Viewers get a deeper look into the lives of five lads who met on the X Factor and immediately began a whirlwind adventure. 

Highlights for me included seeing more of who Harry Styles was as a person, because he is my favorite member, and I wanted to have my proof for those who could tell me that it’s a generic choice to be a fan of him. Harry has been the face of 1D for a while, he seems to be the one where if you say you love him, it’s a broad statement. When Harry went back home on a break during tour, and on that break, he went back to visit the bakery he worked for leading up to his audition. The little old women that he worked with were so happy to see him, and it put a huge smile on my face. When Niall went home, he went to church with his family for his brother’s wedding. Zayn bought a house for his mother (a goal he had from the minute he auditioned.) Liam’s mom teared up while purchasing a Liam cutout at the 1D store because “it’s the closest thing she would have to having him at home.” Louis went to visit his grandma and it reminded me of myself and my grandma. These real moments opened my eyes even more to the guys who I think the world of. 

During the shows, the pre-shows, and bus time after, these five are just normal dudes living the perfect dream honestly. Something I also thought about was how for the amount of fame they have, there really hasn’t been a terrible amount of negative publicity. There could be so many things made up about them in the process, but in the end I can only think of one word: normal. There is no way you can go into that film and come out with a negative thought about One Direction.


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