stuck in my head: episode 4

We have an interesting bunch here this week ladies and gents. After seeing “This Is Us” I have yet to have a One Direction song NOT stuck in my head, but I have also had some fun bits in between. 

1. “Teenage Dirtbag” (Originally by Wheatus, covered by 1D)- I will admit that I had maybe heard this song once or twice before 1D covered it, which probably makes me sound pathetic that I just now am obsessed with it. The part of This Is Us where this cover is sang is so fabulous (no spoilers here), and since then I have had jank recordings of the track on my phone. Liam has this falsetto during the bridge that actually pains me due to it’s beauty. ANYWAY. I have also listened to the Wheatus version mixed in with the 1D version. It’s a really fun song overall, very catchy. 

2. “Last First Kiss” by One Direction-Shocker, another 1D song. And again, for a very obscure reason. In the movie, 1D is goofing around during soundcheck and sing this song in a reggae-like manner, and it was just magnificent. Also I fell in love with Harry Styles all over again during this specific song but that’s for a later date. This song is so pretty, and definitely was not one of my favorites on Take Me Home when I first bought it, but now it’s all I can listen to!

3. “I Wish” by Cher Lloyd ft. TI- Very catchy tune. I discovered Cher right before Want U Back was released to major radio stations here in the states. Unfortunately, her album failed to impress me. There were a couple of tracks that caught my eye (i.e. “Oath”), but overall, it wasn’t anything special. This song as a new single is a great choice for her, and I can see her going bigger places very soon. 

4. “Chocolate” by The 1975- Alright, if you haven’t given The 1975’s debut album a listen yet, you are definitely missing out. I heard of them months ago when I came across them on twitter or Instagram I believe, and to be honest I really did not look into them right away. A bit later my friend Kaylee told me that I should give them a listen. She typically knows what kind of music is up my alley, and boy was she right. When the album came out, everyone was tweeting about it and I decided it was worth the 8 bucks on iTunes. “Chocolate” was the first song I had heard, so it will obviously have a special place, but there are so many other songs on that album that are great for many reasons. Something I appreciate about this band is that when you listen to their music you can hear the variety of instruments used. That my friends, is what music is about. 

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