The Red Tour: a night I will never forget.

Every girl should be able to experience a Taylor Swift concert. It’s that simple. There are so many who would say “Psh, Taylor Swift? I don’t listen to her.” Listen up, her tour, which just finished in Nashville, was a life changing experience. I’m here to tell you why this seems like a staple for the typical chick these days. 

Around this time last year, my dear friend (ironically named Taylor) called me and told me she had tickets to see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in Nashville. Of course I was going to say yes, it was also the closing night of tour which means the show holds a much higher level of significance in my books. I’ve been counting down the days since the number was in high triple digits. Not only was I getting to go back to my favorite city, but I was also seeing the reigning princess of country music in her home town. Throw in my favorite singer and call it a sweet deal. 

There’s something about the ambiance of a Swift show that just makes you feel happy. The music playing before, the dedication of her fans, the signs in the crowd, etc. It was such a wonderful setting. I will actually admit, I’m not a hardcore “Swiftie” but I do appreciate a good TSwift jam every once in a while. Little did I know that the minute the lights went down I was going to be jumping out of my seat screaming like a banshee. She chose the perfect opening song: State of Grace. I think it’s a song that any 20 something girl should listen to at this point in their life. I also think that at my current age, “Red” is actually the perfect album. There are so many things I am able to relate to on it as opposed to the other albums. 

Throughout the entire concert we were singing at the top of our lungs and dancing like idiots, but let me tell you it was the most fun I had had in a long time. There is something about being able to belt out the words to the ultimate chick songs such as “You Belong With Me” and “22” that make all of your previous cares fly out the window. Like Taylor says “tonight’s the night where we forget the deadlines”, and that is exactly what we did. It was such a freeing feeling being able to know exactly what she meant behind each one of those songs. In particular though, she was speaking about her song “All Too Well”, as well as her writing process. That was the moment where I felt like I was getting the up close and personal with her on the tour, especially because that song holds a very special place in my heart. I will always associate that song with someone who used to be near and dear to me, but unfortunately is no longer a part of my life. I may have cried a little when she sang it…and by a little I mean I might have bawled. It was amazing. To feel that connection with someone like Taylor is so surreal. You read about her in magazines, see stories on the news, etc., but you never imagine being able to see her on the last night of her biggest, and by far best tour to date. 

The attached video is 10 minutes, because it’s a speech and a song, but I promise it’s worth that ten minutes of your day. 

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