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Sometimes I stumble upon a picture, .gif, or article that catches my eye and I have it open on my computer for days, sometimes weeks, because I want to keep looking at it or show it to all of my friends. The other day, my favorite baseball player and one of my favorite humans to walk this planet (Anthony Rizzo, CHC) tweeted about one of his buddies writing for The New Yorker. I decided to give it a read because of the catchy title, “Why I Quit Major League Baseball.” 

The reason that this title was so intriguing to me was because a good majority of the time you typically see players retiring, not quitting. As the sister of a kid who is working incredibly hard to achieve his MLB dreams, walking away is almost unfathomable in my mind. I feel as though finally reaching that point, and then just walking away, is just a weird choice. There is so much time and effort into finally making it to the big leagues, so I wanted to dive into the mind of Adrian Cardenas. I am such a fan of someone following their own dreams and using their passions and talents to their fullest extent. Good for you, Adrian. This guy has become one of my biggest influences in life. You don’t come across a person who follows their heart as much as this guy has. 


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