first post of the new year.


So It’s definitely been a hot second since I’ve posted on here, but I need the extra writing to keep my juices flowing. It’s also really fun to keep my thoughts in a place where I can go back and remember them sometimes. One of my resolutions is to keep up with my blogging, because I know that this is a year I definitely want to remember. 

First order of business: a new cover video that I found this morning. In case you care at all, Bastille did what could possibly be the best cover of “No Scrubs” that I have ever heard. It’s so unique and had the same impact on me as when I heard the American Authors cover of “Royals”, except I have yet to hate hearing “No Scrubs” on the radio. 

Second: If you have the chance (or a Netflix account) I highly suggest watching the movie “Good Ol Freda.” It follows the story of the fan club president/secretary who was devoted throughout the duration of the Beatles’ entire career. She’s quite the inspiring woman, and her take on the world’s most popular and longest impacting bands is so unique. I was drawn in throughout the whole film because she is so down to earth and funny. 

Third: I learned that as much as I love snow days, even as an adult, I really love being able to get back to work. I miss driving to and from a job that puts a smile on my face each and every day. I also miss my kids like crazy and it has been far too long since I have seen them last. 

Fourth, last, and certainly not least: I think I found my dream job. Over break I saw the viral video of Beyonce singing to a terminally ill child at one of her concerts and it brought me to uncontrollable sobs. It was so beautiful to see that an organization like Make A Wish was able to create such a magical moment. I want so badly to be a part of something that makes kids so incredibly happy. After spending most of my time in college working with kids, as well as participating in Dance Marathon, my eyes were opened to something so much bigger than myself. I hope to one day have a job working in the Brentwood, TN chapter of Make A Wish.


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