Independence/Spring Break

So it’s been another minute since I’ve last posted. Fell off the train because of an insanely busy semester, and I can’t say that I mind it. I love the fact that I have a steady social life as well as being busy with wanting to have a good final GPA and a balanced work life. There are so many positive things going on around me and it makes me feel like I am going places, but unfortunately the one thing I am freaking out about is finding a full time job. The hunt is so hard, especially for an English major, because with such a generic major, you have to really sell yourself. Lately I have been revamping my resumé and practicing cover letters because it seems as though I am throwing myself at multiple types of jobs. It makes me feel more and more grown up each and every day.

In my opinion, I think that the essence of Spring Break is also about growing up. Whether it be a weekend in Chicago or and entire week on the beach, the trips take planning, which is definitely not done by one’s parents, for many reasons. There is a sense of independence that comes with spring break in college, and for me and my friends, we are taking the mini trip route, which has just as much packed into a few days as any other trip. We are exploring tourism in Chicago, as well as taking on Water Tower shopping center. I decided to budget the trip out ahead of time, that way I don’t blow all of the money I barely have. My paycheck comes through the second day of the trip, and I unfortunately have a wealthy fashion taste on a low budget. The inner conflict when I online window shop is so intense it hurts. My advice in this situation: make a list. I have so many things I NEED going into spring, but there are a few affordable items I can indulge in in Chicago this week. It makes me feel as though I can shop, as well as work with my budget. Another tip: do your research. My friend found a place where we can overnight park for two days and only pay $32. In Chicago, that’s like striking gold. My friends and I have researched what restaurants to go to that way we don’t have to drop a fortune on FOOD.

This last semester in college not only has highlighted myself venturing into the adult world both professionally as well as personally. Once you get to this point in your life, it feels good to know that you are moving forward and can handle yourself in the most independent of situations. I feel so confident in the decisions I am going to have to make for my future, which is something I could not confidentially tell you a year ago.


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