These next few weeks are going to be some of the most stressful of my life. Not only am I graduating from college and finishing school, but I’m preparing to move to an entirely new city and putting myself in a completely new atmosphere. On top of all of it, I’m trying to make sure I squeeze in as much as possible before I leave and it makes my schedule completely overwhelming. Oh also throw in that I’m finishing the only job I have really known to love over the last four years. It’s a lot to take in. I’m beyond thankful though for my ability to find stress relief in the smallest of ways.

1- one of my favorite things to do when I have an hour or two of free time during the week is curl up with my iPad and browse Pinterest. It’s really fun finding fun and creative ways to not only dress up my new big girl wardrobe, but also plan ways to dress up my new apartment when I move to Cincinnati. I’m a major fan of finding inspirational quotes, new hairstyles to try, and beauty products to dream of. For some reason the entire time I’m perusing through my boards it’s me thinking of what I can do with my life. It’s even more fun when I put one of the pins to use: the other night I made a baked taco recipe for my family for dinner and it was a hit! Really fulfilling to be told that you’ve done something right.

2-anyone that knows me knows that Starbucks is my place. On my worst of days I make sure I get myself a grande pick me up. Sometimes I go to the campus Starbucks and spend a couple of hours clearing my head by talking to a friend over coffee or reading up on the latest tabloids to make myself feel a bit more normal. There’s something about the ambiance of this place that has always been calming for me. It’s also noteworthy that in about 90% sure they know my name at this place.

3- another one of my favorite ways to take the load off is to hop in my car and crank the country station. I’ve always felt this connection of country music that makes me feel like I’m home. Whenever I miss home it seems as though there is always a Kenny Chesney or Rascal Flatts song to put me in a lighter mood. There’s also this way that country music makes you want to be in a sunny place, I don’t know how but it’s something that I associate with summer.

4- A short, simple phone call to home will without a doubt help. My mom and I talk close to everyday, and even talking about the small things from home like our pool opening or my brother having a good day at school really warms my heart. Any way I can be included in everything that I’m missing while away at school helps.

5- Last but certainly not least, my favorite outlet of happiness, is my job. Everyday there is some one-liner said or something done by one of the kids that makes me eternally grateful for taking the opportunity for this job my freshman year. These kids have become a family to me, and aside from the obvious needing me as a supervisor, some times they need me to help with a homework problem, or helping them fix a conflict going on with a friend. It’s in that time that I feel important to someone, and that is such a great feeling.

Overall, though they are all unique to me, these are what help and I know that everyone else has their calming moments as well. I truly believe that in those moments we are most vulnerable and open to figuring ourselves out, which is what our twenties are all about.


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