What if…

If I had followed my childhood dream, I would have opened a hair salon-photography studio combination. When my sister and I were younger, we would constantly use a variety of kitchen utensils to style each other’s hair. In addition, we would set up decorative columns and blankets in our living room to re-create the Target or JCPenney photo studio.

Looking back, I think it’s showing of what I want to do today: to help people feel their absolute best, as well as assure them that they can look back on a certain point in their life and feel a certain way. With my aspirations of working with Make-A-Wish, all I want is to help others know there is good that can come from their darkest times. I did my best when I worked with Adventure Club, because even after a long day, I made sure that the kids had some pleasure in their day. I hope that this pattern can continue for years to come, no matter where I am.


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