why weight watchers is simply the greatest.

From the minute I walked off the stage at my University of Missouri graduation, it felt as though I was constantly doing something. I traveled to Texas, I was finishing up the job I had known for four years, and I was moving home. All of my surroundings were changing. The minute I got home I was thrown into an interview for a summer camp counselor position, and I ended up signing away my afternoons to sitting in a gym for five hours each day. When I got a minute to catch my breath and look back on pictures I realized that towards the end of college, I was stressing about moving, finding jobs, leaving my kids I had worked with all through school, and with stress came stress eating. Looking at these pictures I realized I was not a place I wanted to be health wise.

When I quit my summer camp job, two days later I was walking into my local Weight Watchers office signing myself back up for something I had done really well with in high school. When I tried again in college I wasn’t finding the right motivation due to distance and schedules, but now, I feel motivated. I notice myself wanting to work out more often, taking care of my food choices in a healthy way, and also having the motivation to try new things that are healthy for me. In this process, I have found that I am gaining an healthy lifestyle, inside and out, and for that I owe all to Weight Watchers.

I look forward to 9:30 am each Friday, which is weird for a recent college grad to say, because I get to spend my morning with the most positive thinking women I know. I am inspired each and every week to become half of the woman that they are. Even if we have a week where we gain, there is some silver lining that they can pull to instantaneously brighten moods. I also appreciate that they all have the same sarcastic attitudes that I possess. Each week I find a new healthy outlook on the week to come, as well as some fun recipes along the way. Sure, tracking my foods and activities can be quite tedious sometimes, but it’s something I feel so proud of. I have made myself so aware of things I might not have thought about before, and it makes me feel that, although I am currently unemployed, I have taken the reigns of some form of responsibility in my life. I hope that I can combine it with a job to feel as though I am pushing myself to be the absolute best that I can be.


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